We are a small but experienced company of specialists working together to help others in complementing architectural structures with creative sheet metal accessories that bring out life and beauty, using the best practices and resources available to us.

For over 8 years we have been delivering standard and customized metal roofing solutions for residences, businesses and institutions. We learned a lot about our techniques, relationship with our clients and a business of professionally linking both together. However, thanks to each other, our partners and clients, we continue to learn and improve, in order to continuously provide superb quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer experience.

Why choose us?

Because of the dedication we put into our work.

We deliver exceptional customer experience and high quality sheet metal roofing solutions for homes and buildings that enrich visual aesthetics and improve functionality.

We specialize exclusively in sheet metal works such as standing seam roofs, bay and bow windows, eavestrough/gutter systems, domes/cupolas, canopies, parapets, poles, soffits, roof and chimney caps and other accessories. Our hero is copper, however we also work with aluminum, brass, zinc, bronze and stainless steel.

We value our customer's perspective, time and money, nature that surrounds us and community that we live in and, therefore, strive to maintain efficiency and sustainability in everything we do.

Call us Toll-Free 1.888.637.8744                             Serving Greater Toronto Area, Ontario