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WHY METAL? In addition to an elegant look, sheet metal roofing and accents offer the following benefits:

Efficiency | Durability | Cost-savings | Eco-Friendliness

Metal roofs are composed of 30-60% of recycled material and are 100% recyclable. 

Toronto metal roofing applications made out of metal can withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow storms, hails and strong winds much better than asphalt and other materials.

Toronto metal roofing applications require minimal maintenance and last for 50-70 years as opposed to non-metal for 10-20 years.

Metal roofs can be installed on existing roofs, saving costs on tear-off and disposal of old roofing materials.

WHY COPPER? Copper roofing accessories have been used since ancient times to complement architectural structures with function and aesthetics, such as on the Pantheon in Rome. 

Copper has always been a favored choice of many architects and continues to be so today due to its unmatched combination of benefits: aesthetic appeal, durability and low maintenance. Copper roofing applications last at least 60-80 years, surpassing every other material used for roofing. 


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